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I've Done My Research...

Lately whenever I hear someone utter the phrase, “I’ve done my research,” (after my initial reaction of a giant eye roll), I instantly hear what they really mean which is, “I’m selectively seeking exactly what I want to find and then I’ll tout it as gospel because I’m too blind to see what actual research involves.”  I like to refer to this phenomenon as selective blindness. To those of us who have conducted actual research, many of whom finding ourselves severely disappointed by the outcome or at the least surprised to find the results were opposite of what was expected, these "researchers" are admitting out loud that there is no way possible they can face all the facts and accept anything other than what they want to find because then they'll see how flawed their logic is and how much there is for them to learn and grow.  Growing is difficult. It sure seems many of us would rather make fools of ourselves because it’s easier.  There is no actual researching or learning involved. (and for the record... actual research is not conducted via google or any social media outlets).

BF - 4/18/24

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